Frequency Matching

Frequency Matching is a highly technical method of precisely measuring and defining the flex of the golf shaft through electronic calibration. Refined to perfection during the past 20 years, this patented process remains the only accurate method of producing a perfectly matched set of golf clubs today.

While working with PGA Tour players, engineers discovered shaft flex was extremely inconsistent within a flex designation (R, S, X). Five "stiff" shafts would often vary as much as ten frequency cycles within a category, causing the player to vary his or her swing to compensate.

We believe in Frequency Matching because flex is not only important, it is personal. Our frequency analyzer allows a clubmaker to measure the natural frequency of your favorite club, providing a digital readout of its oscillation pattern. Taking into account headweight, length and balance every club in your bag can be fit with Precision Frequency Matched shafts that flex identically through the set. Once you are properly fitted, all your clubs will flex the same, and therefore feel the same, helping develop a consistent and dependable golf swing.

The ascending linear profile of Frequency Matched shafts depicts a consistent flex throughout the set and is in stark contrast to the inconsistent flex of clubs that have not been Frequency Matched.

Shafts using Frequency Matching technology