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1. Where can I purchase a Project X or Rifle shaft?

Project X and Rifle shafts are available in many OEM stock and custom programs. Our shafts are also available at retail through domestic and international distributors as well as through our Performance Fitting Center clubmakers. To find out more information, visit the “Where to Buy” section of our site.

2. How do I find the best shaft for my game?

We always recommend getting custom fit in order to find the best shaft for your game. A great place to start is online at www.ShaftFit.com.

3. I have a high handicap. Does it really make a difference what flex or frequency shaft I use?

Absolutely. Regardless of skill level, proper shaft fit is critical! Fitting shaft flex to match your swing tempo and speed (neither too stiff nor too flexible) keeps you from changing your swing to control your equipment.

4. How do I know what frequency I need?

The best way to determine which frequency would match your swing is by sampling various frequencies. You can do this with a professional club fitter like a Performance Fitting Center.

5. Which is better, a stiff shaft or a flexible shaft?

The best shaft is one that matches your natural swing tempo and speed.